IT-Sicherheit im Krankenhaus

- Bachelorarbeit -

In modern times, the normal hospital is no longer a charitable organization but
a commercial one. The IT-networks are as big and complex as enterprise level
networks. On the other hand, hospitals are infrastructure and therefor necessary for a country to act properly, why they are under special supervision and have special IT-networks. Considering this circumstances it is interesting to see that IT-security isn't often discussed in the context of these special systems and vice versa. While the IT of a hospital is attackable like any other enterprise level network, I could not find a lot of information about attack simulations, penetration tests or papers about it security in hospitals, although there are hints pointing out that IT-security in hospitals is inadequate.

In this bachelor thesis a Hospital information system (HIS) will be simulated. In addition some sample attacks on the HIS will be explored.

To simulate the network and the attacks the NS-3 simulation tool will be used.

- C++
- NS-3
- Medizinische Netzwerke

Thomas Gweltaz Jahner

Die Ausarbeitung kann im Institut für Informationssysteme angefordert werden.

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