Bachelor Seminar Informatik: Human-Centered Intelligent Systems (CS3702/CS3290-KP04)

Topic: Human-Centered Intelligent Systems

Prof. Nele Russwinkel

A preliminary meeting will be held on Tuesday, 18th of April at 10am. Please send an email to - then a link for the virtual preparation meeting will be provided. If it is not possible for you to make the appointment, please send a mail with possible times in the week 17.4. to 21.4. - I will try to realize another appointment.


Target group:

Master Informatik

Bachelor Informatik (Sem. 5 and above)



The seminar is about the intersection of computer science and cognitive psychology with the goal of improving "human-centered intelligent systems".

Current topics in the field of: human factors, human-robot interaction, social robotics, cognitive modeling, human-aware AI, human-centered AI and related topics will be presented and discussed.

Each participant prepares a self-selected topic (topic suggestions are provided) and presents it at a scheduled time. There will be an appreciative and interested discussion. Current work from the "HAAI" working group and the TU Berlin will also be presented in the seminar.

Requirements: Preparation and presentation of a chosen topic within the scope of the seminar, taking part in the discussion as well as attendance at seminar appointments.

Places are limited; therefore, registration and a preliminary meeting are required for this seminar.


The seminar will be held in English.


Time and place:

Start: 4/26/2023 - it will take place virtually in a synchronous Zoom meeting. Always on Wednesdays at 16:15.


Further information (lecture notes, allocation of exercise groups, exercise material, etc.) on the lecture will be available at the beginning of the course in Moodle of the University of Lübeck.