Screen Shots from the Symbolics Document Examiner

Running on a MacIvory under Genera 8.3. Screen dumps are b/w and very large in pixel size. GIF size is around 35kb for each image.

Remember, almost everything you see on the screen can be clicked on and will have some effect.

Modern documentation has to be written using a DB-approach (IMHO). Make the content rich enough to generate every format you like out of the database: On Screen, HTML, Postscript, ...

The screen viewer will help you navigate and reusing documentation records in different chapters or even different books is possible.

This is actually technology of the early 80s.

Show overview of a section

Symbolics Document Examiner Screen 0

Section: Creating and Using Macintosh Dialogs

Symbolics Document Examiner Screen 1

Same section, but accessed through the Show Candidates Command

Symbolics Document Examiner Screen 2

Some Documentation access from a Table Of Contents

Symbolics Document Examiner Screen 3

Rainer Joswig