The Symbolics Lisp Machine Family (1986)

3610AE Applications System: 1Mword (4 Mbytes), one 190 Mbyte disk, RS232 serial port, Genera Runtime Software, optional Ethernet interface, 1/4'' cartridge tape drive and rack-mounted cabinetry.

3620 System: Up to 4 Mwords (16 Mbytes) optional physical memory, one 190 Mbyte fixed disk, integral Ethernet interface, five backplane expansion slots, options include an additional 190 Mbyte disk or 1/4'' tape drive, floating point accelerator, memory, RS232C ports and printers.

3650 System: Up to 8 Mwords (32 Mbytes) memory, up to two 368 Mbyte disks, integral Ethernet interface, two RS232C serial ports, 15 expansion slots.

3675 System: Up to 7 Mwords (28 Mbytes) of physical memory, up to eight 300 Mbyte removable disks or 474 or 515 Mbyte fixed disks for a total of 3 Gbytes mass storage, instruction fetch unit (IFU), Extended Control Store, integral Ethernet interface, 14 expansion slots.

Ralf Moeller
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