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The XOBEDBPL project

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Brief description of the project:

XML as data exchange format between different applications gains more and more importance. Today applications in general manipulate and operate on objects. Therefore an exchange implies a mapping process between objects and XML data and vice versa. Moreover if an application stores the same data persistently, most often relational databases are used for performance reasons. This also implies another mapping process between the objects of the programming language and the tables or tuples of the relational database. Once again the mapping process is needed in both directions. Programmers of such applications have to use a lot of different interfaces (APIs) or complex frameworks.  In the XOBEDBPL (XML OBjEcts DataBase Programming Language) project a language based on Java is developed avoiding these mapping processes. Java is syntactically and semantically extended by XML, XPath and update expressions. Furthermore a persistent environment is introduced integrating transparent and type independent persistency. Data consistency in the context of multi user access is going to be developed with the help of transaction integration and support in Java.

Finished Work:

Current and Future Work:



In the context of the XOBE project bachelor, masters and students theses are currently available. If you are interested, please contact the project members.

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