Human-Aware AI

The goal for Human-Aware AI is to develop intelligent systems that can work in synergy with human partners in complex dynamic environments. When intelligent systems are human aware, this means that the system adapts to the task of the human partner in its variations, the situation in its dynamics and uncertainty and the cognitive state of the human partner in-the-loop.

In our Human-Aware AI research group, dynamic mental models are developed (partly with cognitive architectures) that can, for example, anticipate the human in the interaction or identify intentions of the human partner. These modeling approaches are integrated with systems (e.g. robots) or simulations to enable relevant mutual understanding and proactive support.

Current Members


  • Introduction to Human Aware AI and Human Centered AI and Constructive Cognitive Science
  • AI & Cognition
  • Structured representations and Semantic nets 
  • Digital Twin and Digital Human Model (physical environment)
  • Introduction to the cognitive Architecture ACT-R
  • Active Self and sense of Control
  • Collaborative Human Robot Interaction
  • Intention recognition and Theory of Mind
  • Situated intelligent agents /emergent behavior.
  • And a few weeks of project work with cognitive agents in a dynamic environment


Running Projects