Informationssysteme (CS4130-KP06)

PD Dr. rer.nat. Özgür Lütfü Özcep

Beschreibung der Vorlesung: 

  • Bei der Vorlesung Informationssysteme (Modul CS4130) handelt es sich um ein Master-Basismodul
  • Die Vorlesung wird auf Englisch gehalten.
  • In den Übungen werden die Inhalte der Vorlesung anhand von wöchentlich zu lösenden Übungsaufgaben vertieft.


  • Logic, Logic, Logic (Lecture 1, Lecture 2)
    Motivation; overview of course; on the unusual effectiveness of logic in computer science/information systems; FOL logic and its fragments, properties, complexity theory    
  • Logical Foundations of Database Systems: Finite Model Theory Lecture 3, Lecture 4)
    Locality; games; descriptive complexity; algorithmic model theory   
  • Information Integration on DB Level: Data Integration (Lecture 5)
    Integration modes, LAV, GAV, certain answering, view rewriting, bucket algorithm
  • Information Integration on DB Level: Data Exchange  (Lecture 6, Lecture7)
    Target constraints, chase algorithm; universal solution; cores; complexity results; mapping management; non-relational data exchange
  • Semantic Integration with OBDABridging the DB and Ontology World (Lecture 8, Lecture 9)
    Handling incompleteness (NULL values); closed world, open world; certain answers; ontologies;   ABDEO: limits of DL-Lite, concrete datatypes; existential rules;  extended forms of ontology-based data access: ABox modularization   
  • Semantic Integration on Ontology LevelOntology Integration (Lecture 10, Lecture 11)
    Belief revision; ontology change; ontology debugging; ontology import; inconsistency handling;alignment, mapping change
  • Database Repairs (lecture 12)
    Sub-/superset, symmetric difference, C-, prioritized, null-based repairs; consistent query answering; dichotomy theorems, constraint satisfaction; prototypes
  • Stream Processing (Lecture 13, not in this year)
    Low-level and relational data stream processing (for relational data streams and sensor networks, complex event processing; XML streams); high-level ontology based data access to streams

Zielgruppe: siehe Modulbeschreibung

2 SWS Vorlesung
2 SWS Übung


Zeit und Ort:

Vorlesung: Donnerstags 12-14Uhr über Moodle bzw.bei gegebener Zeit in AMS 2

Übung:      Donnerstags 14-16 Uhr über WebEx  bzw. bei gegebener Zeit in Gebäude 64, EG, Raum 67 (Seminarraum Informatik 4 (Minsky)) 


Vorlesung: 9.4.2020 (Moodle)
Übung:      9.4.2020  (WebEx/Moodle)

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