Accelerating Relational Database Management Systems via Quantum Computing

Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Sven Groppe

Research Associate: Tobias Winker

Research Associate: Umut Çalıkyılmaz  

Research Associate: Nitin Nayak

Research Associate: Benjamin Warnke  


Almost all applications in the digital world rely on fast approaches to data management. Relational database management systems (RDBMS), databases consisting of two-dimensional tables, are the most widespread type of database management system. Certain time-consuming tasks can be accelerated through the application of quantum computing, so lower latencies and faster execution promise a smooth experience for users.

Goals and Procedure

Two problems are examined in more detail in the project. On the one hand, the translation of RDBMS queries into expressions of relational algebra. Typically, there is a large number of equivalent expressions, from which the expression estimated to be optimal must be selected.
On the other hand, transactions are a fundamental concept of databases: A transaction is a sequence of operations in the form of read and write requests that are carried out by a single user or application program. Transaction schedule tuning determines the optimal order of parallel execution of transactions for best performance.

Innovation and Prospects

Both problems, the optimization of queries as well as transaction plans, can be reduced to the application of basic mathematical optimization approaches and accelerated by quantum computers. Classic routines are replaced by their quantum computing counterparts, which promise quadratic accelerations in many cases.

Project Partners

Quantum Brilliance GmbH: 

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